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We coach and train your employees in sales & management in their workplace

The power of your staff

 We believe that your company’s success stands or falls by your staff’s talent and dedication:

  • they are the face of your company for your customers
  • they set you apart from your competitors
  • they hold the key: just sell the customer what he asks for or actively work on boosting sales?

Invest in your staff

Companies and retailers constantly seek out the crème de la crème in the labour market. Likely, you do too. However, do you invest enough in your current staff? Kenis & Rommens helps you bring the best out of your people:

  • with training and commercial guidance at the workplace
  • by objectively examining your organisation and your people’s work method
  • by improving what is already good in your organisation and, where necessary, inject new impetus

We also advise you about possible subsidies for training and educating your staff.